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Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman

MUSAW General Membership Meeting Notice 

Please join us for our annual MUSAW General Membership Meeting! 

Location - Albion College - Bobbitt Visual Arts Center - 805 E. Cass St. Albion, MI 49224 

Date - September, 24th 2022

Time - 10:00 am 

Positions up for Election - 

1. State Chairman 

2. Secretary 


Please note our election and voting Bylaw information - 

"Article IV:

Election and Term of Office for the Executive Committee Members of the Executive Committee are elected to a two-year term. The State Chairperson and Secretary are elected in even years while the Director of Pairing, Director of Officials, and the balance of the Executive Committee are elected in odd years. The term will commence directly after election results are announced for the voted-on position."

The State Chairperson must have served in some capacity on the elected Executive Committee for at least one full term (2 years) as a prerequisite to the office.

The State Chairperson may select a nominating committee to prepare a slate of Executive Committee members. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting.

Article IX: Voting

The following structure shall be observed at the annual meeting:

A. Each chartered club in good standing from the previous year shall have three (3) votes. It is recommended that the votes include the president or tournament director, mat or pairing official, and a member at large to encourage equal representation of the membership. Members must be present to vote.

B. Executive Committee members shall have one (1) vote.

C. The general population is welcome to attend the meetings of Michigan USA Wrestling (MUSAW) and to voice their opinions. However, no voting privileges shall be accorded to any general member except as stated immediately above.


Position Duties Include - These are taken directly from our Bylaws, the full document can be found here,

"A. The President (hereinafter, The State Chairperson)

1. The Chairperson oversees all the Michigan USAW Wrestling (MUSAW) programs. This includes the establishment of policies, calling and chairing meetings, keeping the Executive Committee up to date on national, state, and local issues, appointing Standing Committees chairs, and providing direction for programs of the organization.

2. The State Chairperson shall be responsible as the liaison between the national office, Executive Committee, and the general wrestling population of Michigan.

3. The State Chairperson shall be responsible for the implementation of rules and policies established by USA Wrestling.

4. The State Chairperson shall be responsible for scheduling and notifying the Executive Committee of any meetings of Michigan USA Wrestling (MUSAW).

5. The State Chairperson, in conjunction with the Treasurer, shall be responsible for the maintenance of the documentation for the keeping of the Michigan USA Wrestling (MUSAW) accounting books and records including the preparation of an annual budget and financial statement."


"C. The Secretary

1. The Secretary shall record and report the minutes of the annual meeting and any Executive Committee meetings.

2. The secretary shall cooperate with any of the other Executive Committee members and assist coordinating any mailings determined to be necessary by the Executive Committee or State Chairperson."


Please send any nominations to Dennis Boone, 


We hope to see you at the meeting! 

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