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Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman

All MUSAW Events are Satellite Weigh-Ins

MUSAW allow all wrestlers competing in our evetns to weigh in on an honor system at a satellite weigh-in station. These include all of MUSAW Registered clubs. Not sure where to to where to find a weigh-in station or club? Check here to find an updated list. Please make sure that you contact the club director first to arrange a time and place.

Morning Weighins

All Registered Wrestlers need to Remember No wrestlers will be accepted after 8am Day of Tournament For Weighins

Musaw Tournament Schedule

MUSAW West side of the State Grand Rapids Myrmidon-

MUSAW Apr 26th & Flint High School Battlecats Apr 26th

MUSAW Clinton High School - Apr 27th

MUSAW Davision High School

MUSAWBelding High School- May3rd

MUSAW Traverse City- Dearborn Heights - May 4th

MUSAW State Championship May 9th 10th 11th Freestyle and Greco

May 16th, 17th, 18th

Body Bar Women's National Championships

Irving, TX

May 16th/17th/18th

~~Attention Wrestler's who plan on competing on a dual team or competing at Fargo Nationals. You must fill out the 2014 Official USA Wrestling Waiver

Central Regionals
Lawrence North High School 7802 Hague Road

Indianapolis, IN

May 22nd-25th, 2014

ASICS University & FILA Cadet Nationals
Louis and Freda Stile Athletic Field House at the University of Akron

Akron, OH

May 30th –June 1st

FILA Junior World Team Trials

Madison, WI

June 4th thru 7th

Schoolboy Duals
Warren Central High School

Indianapolis, IN

June 10th thru 14th

Cadet Duals
Ocean Center - Exhibit Hall 101 North Atlantic Avenue

Daytona Beach, FL

June 23rd/24th/25th

Kids Freestyle/Greco Nationals

Orem, UT

June 24th thru June 28th

Junior Duals
Freede Center

Oklahoma City, OK

July 18th Thru 26th

ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships
Fargo Dome
1800 University Drive

North Fargo, ND

Weighin Sites

The do’s and Don’ts of Michigan USA weigh-in sites

Before the scales are set-up:

Make sure you have a couple of responsible adults to run the weigh-in

Have your entry door and school hallways marked so people can find the scales and they do not have to run around your building.

Have a printed off sheet of the pre- registered in case of computer breakdown during weigh-ins

Get the change needed so you can collect quickly at the scale.

Have a phone number handy to be able to call someone in the know about weigh-ins

You must have permission to run the weigh-ins and they should be posted on the web site – make contact with MUSAW at least one week in advance

Must have a certified scale and if you are expecting a big crowd its not a bad idea to have two scales

When you weigh them in

You are responsible to make sure they have a current full membership card.  If they are only wrestling folkstyle they can use the limited card but if they are going to wrestle Freestyle or Greco they must have a current full membership card.  If they have a limited card , you can collect the difference of $25 and we can upgrade their card at the tournament. If they do not have a card at all have they fill out the application for a full membership card and attach $40 to it and we can take care of that at the tournament as well.  KEEP MEMBERSHIP MONEY SEPARATE FROM THE ENTRY MONEY.

You are responsible for collecting money for everyone that uses your scale.  None of this “I will pay tomorrow”.  You will be responsible for turning it in before the posted time and if you want to make deals you do the collection.  If you turn in 20 wrestlers at $10 each you will pay the total.

You are responsible for skin check – if there are suspicious spots- let the wrestler/ parents/coach know and mark it on their weigh-in sheet that will be turned in to pairing

The actual weight should be marked on their hand and on the weigh-in sheet.

Submit Weigh-in sheets as soon as weigh-in is completed.  Please don’t hand them off for others to do.  Don’t wait till it is more convenient DO IT NOW!!  MOST of the mistakes made to slow the tournament starts from not getting all the correct information put in and someone didn’t turn their weigh-in information in.  If your site becomes the problems this year----- you will not be able to do them again.

Weigh-in complete?

Weigh-in sheets in? confirmed? 

Double check your cash totals.  Entry money separate for membership money.  Hand them in at the tournament in two separate envelopes by the due time – whatever time you tournament sets up as due time.  Know who the tournament collection contact is.

Myrmidon and BattlecCats Wrestling Tournament


The Road To the State Championship

The three levels of membership available in Michigan this year are: Limited Folkstyle ($15)
·         Valid for all MUSAW Folkstyle events
·         Full or High Performance Membership is required for regional or national competitions
·         Includes a $50,000 secondary sports accident insurance policy - For $1,000,000 in secondary sports accident coverage – please purchase a Full or High Performance Membership
·         Includes online version of USA Wrestler magazine


Full Membership ($40)

·         Required for All MUSAW Freestyle and Greco-Roman events

·         Valid for all Regional & National events - no style, geography, or competition level limitations

·         Includes $1 million in secondary sports accident coverage

·         Home delivery of print version of USA Wrestler magazine (6 issues) plus online subscription


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