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MMWA Creates Olympic Dreams

07/03/2018, 5:45pm EDT
By Steven Richardson

MMWA sends youth wrestlers to the Olympic Training Center

The Mid-Michigan Wrestling association sent five Michigan wrestlers to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs this week for a full Olympic experience.  Each wrestler was randomly chosen following the MMWA season in March.  Each club was able nominate 13 & 14 year olds that they thought deserved a chance for selection.  The following wrestlers are now in Colorado training with the best:

  • Ashton Light - Kearsley
  • Gabe Cappellano - Howell Hurricanes
  • Ishaiah Joy - Bendle
  • Jimmy Colley - Team Donahoe
  • Austin Matheney - Madison Rams
  • Nicholas Dimitroff - Michigan Revolution
  • Antonio Nauss - Michigan Matcats

These wrestlers are staying in the dorms, eating in the mess hall and wrestling on the OLYMPIC MATS with their heroes!!!  MMWA has sponsored these wrestlers by supporting some of the travel costs and providing a small allowance.  This is a tradition that MMWA hopes to continue to help reward wrestlers for their hard work and dedication to this sport.

Michigan USA Wrestling is proud of you guys!!!

Several Michigan Kids Place at USA Nationals

07/01/2018, 6:00pm EDT
By Steven Richardson

Michigan represented well in Atlanta, Ga.

Moffat, DeLeon, Barr and Badge are National Champions!!!

The last weekend in June brought in the first weekend of July and was  by celebrated by many Michigan Wrestlers at the USA Wrestling Freestyle and Greco-Roman Kids Nationals.  Bantam through Schoolboy wrestlers traveled down to Atlanta, GA for their season ending event in record numbers.  The following wrestlers represent Michigan ALL AMERICANS.


Greco Roman Natioanls

  • Leland Moffat - Runner Up
  • Jameson Onstott - 7th
  • Aj Barnabei - 8th
  • Gavin Sabastian - 4th
  • Easton Froyover - Runner Up
  • Meyer Murray - Runner Up
  • Xzavier DeLeon - National Champion
  • Cameron Perez - 8th
  • Nolan Wertanen - 7th
  • Dylan Gilcher - 4th
  • Marcello Milani - 6th
  • Caden Horwath - 5th
  • Evan Herriman - 4th
  • Joseph Blaze - 8th
  • Aaron Lucio - 7th
  • Micah Hanau - 7th
  • Joshua Barr - 3rd
  • Max Callahan - 6th
  • Bryce Simmons - Runner Up
  • Logan Badge - Runner Up
  • Eathan Westfall - 4th



  • Leland Moffat - National Champion
  • Aj Barnabei - 4th
  • Gavin Sabastian - 3rd
  • Easton Froyover - Runner Up
  • Xzavier DeLeon - National Champion
  • Brady Baker - Runner Up
  • Cameron Perez - 8th
  • Dylan Gilcher - Runner Up
  • Marcello Milani - 4th
  • Caden Horwath - 3rd
  • Evan Herriman - 3rd
  • Joseph Blaze - 3rd
  • Aaron Lucio - 4th
  • Joshua Barr - National Champion
  • Max Callahan - 6th
  • Bryce Simmons - 3rd
  • Logan Badge - National Champion
  • Eathan Westfall - 5th

Dynamic Duo due it again!!!

06/22/2018, 7:45pm EDT
By Steven Richardson

Adam Coon and Dalton Roberts both Qualify for the Greco Roman World Team

It's like 2005 all over again, or maybe 2010, make that 2012.  Whatever year you choose, the Dynamic Duo of Dalton Roberts and Adam Coon have just done it again, and this time on the greatest stage of their careers, the 2018 World Greco-Roman Trials.  

As team mates back in Fowlerville years ago, both Adam and Dalton shared dreams.  Not the dreams most wrestlers usually make, like State Championships.  Their dreams were always much larger.  Included in those dreams were representing the United States by earning a place on the World Team.  During their long and celebrated careers, they have both taken different paths, each experiencing their owns success and fair share of setbacks.  Adam earned All American Status for every year he attended University of Michigan, narrowly an NCAA championship just months ago.  And Dalton, who chose to focus on his choice of styles, Greco-Roman, so he forwent the NCAA and chose to attend and represent Northern Michigan University and train at the Olympic Training Center

Today, both Fowlerville natives and TRUE TEAM MATES accomplished their dreams by both winning the Greco-Roman World Trials!!!    I honesty believe this is the first time that two wrestlers from the same youth club, Middle School program and High School team have ever represented Michigan on the same World Team.  


Congratulations to Adam Coon and Dalton Roberts for their accomplishments and Making the World Team!!!  You both made Fowlerville and the rest of Michigan proud!!!

Seven members of Team Michigan were selected to the SCHOOLBOY ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM for their performances in this past weeks National Duals.  We are so very proud of the efforts from these wrestlers and their teammates.  

2018 Schoolboy All Tournament Team - Greco Roman

  • Drew Heethuis
  • Caden Howarth
  • Evan Herriman
  • Micah Hanau
  • Logan Badge

2018 Schoolboy All Tournament Team - Freestyle

  • Dylan Gilcher
  • Josh Barr
  • Logan Badge

Schoolboy National Team Places 2nd in Both Styles

06/10/2018, 8:15pm EDT
By Steven Richardson

Schoolboy National Team Places 2nd in Both Styles



The 2018 Schoolboy National Duals were held this past Thursday and Friday in Indanapolis, IN.  Fielding two competitive teams, Michigan was able to place collectively higher that it had in decades earning National Runner Up!!!

Team Michigan Blue, coached by Paul Donahoe, Doug Barr and Sam Hanau; assembled a top tier team that was able to grind out a very convincing 2nd place finish in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman, the highest for Team Michigan in many years.  The road was not easy as they competed against several top teams including Washington, California, Minnesota, New York, Georgia and Pennsylvania and many more. Many of the matches in the final pools were won by one a point or two.  The final battles with Illinois in both styles were hard fought with every wrestler giving blood and sweat to the cause.  In the end, Michigan came up just short to Illinois in both events.  

Team Michigan Red, Coach by George Ames, had it's own story of success.  Typically, Michigan fields two teams at a primary team and developmental team to give really great new schoolboys a chance to experience that level of competition.  Coach Ames new he could put together a very competitive team that would not only challenge the best in the country, but could support the other team if and when injuries arose.  And he did just that, Winning eight of the dual meets during the weekend.  "Michigan's Red Team has not won more than one dual in several years at the Schoolboys Duals, to win eight shows how how many talented wrestlers our state has."  said Coach Ames.  

Michigans future looks bright as we are already looking forward to next years Schoolboy National Duals with two very tough teams.