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Limited Folkstyle Card


MI Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership Click here to purchase

Michigan  Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership Card Membership Year: September 1st through August 31st

Cost: $15

ONLY VAILD FOR FOLKSTYLE COMPETITIONS IN Michigan  – FOR REGIONAL AND NATIONAL COMPETITION, A FULL MEMBERSHIP IS NEEDED. This membership includes $50,000 in secondary sports accident insurance.

Membership benefits for the Michigan Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership Card include:

  • Secondary, non-duplicating sports accident insurance provided by an outside carrier. There’s sports-accident supplemental benefits provided to USA Wrestling members who participate in limited non-sanctioned events. This insurance coverage includes a deductible, co-payment provisions and other conditions of the policy (details will be provided to club administrators); coverage includes practice, participation and even some travel.
  • Each member gets email notification for all Michigan  State tournaments, information and announcements.
  • Cardholders can upgrade their cards to the full or high performance cards and can qualify for national teams and significant financial aid.
  • Have an organized organization with clear rules and management. This will grow participation, decrease frustration, increase fair play, qualify for state tournaments, etc. It creates a system where athletes are members of an organization that has rules. The way it is now, nobody can enforce anything. It is not conducive to good management nor does it reflect high school sports or any other sport in this state.
  • Increases protection for tournament host.

USA wrestling now has a full time professional that can be a resource to programs on liability, tournament organization, tournament promotion, athlete promotion, etc.