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Message from the Michigan USA Wrestling Board of Directors

10/27/2018, 5:15pm EDT
By Michigan USA Wrestling Board of Directors

An Official Statement from Michigan-USA Wrestling, Affiliate of USA Wrestling 

The Michigan-USA Wrestling (MUSAW) Board of Directors recently acted to remove a member of our executive committee.  The purpose of this Official Statement is to provide clarity and some reasons as to why the executive committee took such action.  At our general membership meeting a new State Chairperson was duly elected by those in attendance at that meeting.  A new secretary was also selected at that time.  All remaining board members maintained their positions.   

It is important to note that according to our bylaws the objective of MUSAW is that it exists to promote Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Folkstyle wrestling at all levels of competition . . . and the goal of MUSAW is to provide an environment which allows Michigan’s wrestlers the opportunity to reach their potential.  The executive committee consists of 11 volunteers that are elected and maintain voting rights in conducting the business of MUSAW.  It is important that the executive committee work collaboratively in establishing policies and conducting the business of MUSAW.  Each committee member has specific job duties and all committee members are responsible for holding each other accountable.  As with many organizations there needs to be a leader that can unify the committee and work collaboratively with the committee members to set and achieve goals.  The leadership skills necessary to lead such an organization as MUSAW include the ability to communicate, motivate, delegate, positive attitude, trustworthiness, good listener, responsible and flexible.  After just a few meetings it was clear to the majority of committee members that our State Chairperson lacked many of these skills.  In lacking these skills, the Chairperson drove divisiveness and dissension among the committee members.  Knowing that many of the committee members were not comfortable working under the State Chairperson’s leadership a decision was made to act in removing the State Chairperson from his position.  As spelled out in our bylaws a vote took place and a majority was reached to remove our newly elected State Chairperson on October 21, 2018. 

Decisions like this are never easy and it was extremely difficult on all the remaining committee members.  However, those remaining committee members acted quickly in filling the State Chairperson position in a timely manner by electing Dennis Boone as our interim State Chairperson on October 24, 2018.  Dennis has been a part of MUSAW since 1985 and a committee member for the past 8 years as our State Director of Officials.  Under Dennis’ leadership we are ready to put this decision behind us and continue to grow and move MUSAW forward in serving the wrestling community.  If any one has any questions or concerns you can feel free to contact Dennis Boone directly by phone, 269-694-2797 or by email at 

MUSAW Board of Directors 

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