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Michigan USA Wrestling partners with Caulicure

02/12/2018, 7:30pm EST
By Steve Richardson

Michigan USA Wrestling partners with Caulicure

Caulicure™️ has partnered with Michigan USA Wrestling to address Cauliflower Ear and/or permanent ear damage, which can negatively effect the wrestling community, specifically “our youth”. 

Together we will educate and provide support to parents, coaches and athletes on the benefits of the Caulicure System. Specifically, how it can keep our athletes on the mats and out of the doctors office. 

We have created a program which offers a statewide 15% discount to the customer, and for every unit purchased, Caulicure will donate 10% to Michigan USA Wrestling to assist in growing the sport. 

The intent of this effort is to to provide each athlete their own Caulicure kit to be available at the time of injury, as well as a prevention if the ear must be drained. 

The Caulicure™ Advanced Compression System is not only Simple and Effective, but works in 3 ways to provide long term protection from developing CAULIFLOWER EAR. 


  1. The system allows for the prevention of Cauliflower Ear, by providing compression to damaged ear tissue "before" it has a chance to fill with blood/fluid.  
  2. In addition, it works to keep the damaged area from re-filling.  This eliminates endless draining and great outcomes for returning the ear to it's original state. 
  3. The system is reusable for as many applications as is needed. 


To purchase, visit and enter code MUSAW15 for the Michigan USA Wrestling Discount.


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