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2017 World medalists to host free wrestling clinic in Detroit

08/30/2017, 8:30pm EDT
By USA Wrestling

DETROIT, MI – USA Wrestling is inviting wrestlers and coaches to a free wrestling clinic led by the 2017 World Medalists – including the 2017 World champion men’s freestyle team and the 2017 World runner up women’s freestyle team.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 9 at Cobo Center in Detroit. Lunch will be provided for all clinic participants after the clinic is over.

Wrestlers in high school and younger, along with coaches are encouraged to attend.

Registration begins at 9 a.m.

Wrestlers who do not have a USA Wrestling membership card will be granted a one-day license.

You can register online here.

The first 500 registered participants will be guaranteed a spot so sign up today! 

Following the clinic, we have a special opportunity for high school coaches to attend the Victory Tour event that evening where our medalists will receive their World Championships stipend from the Living the Dream Medal Fund! For information on how coaches can attend for FREE, contact Jack Clark at the US Wrestling Foundation at

Click here for more information about the Victory Tour.

Michigan has four national champions, 22 all-Americans at Fargo

07/27/2017, 7:00pm EDT
By Michigan USA Wrestling

FARGO, N.D. – Michigan was led by four national champions during the USA Wrestling freestyle and Greco national championship earlier this month.

National champs included:

  • Greco junior national finals at 120 pounds: 1st - Rayvon Foley (Michigan) dec. Brady Koontz (Wisconsin), 6-1
  • Freestyle junior national finals at 138 pounds: 1st - Ben Freeman (Michigan) tech. fall Jeremy Schoenherr (Wisconsin), 10-0, 4:30
  • Cadet Greco national finals at 138 pound: 1st Kevon Davenport (Michigan) dec. Colby Njos (Minnesota), 6-3
  • Cadet freestyle national title at 145 pounds: 1st – Alex Facundo (Michigan) dec. Michael Weber (Montana), 6-5

Michigan’s all-Americans included:

Junior greco-Roman results
106 pounds 
1st - Brendon Garcia (Colorado) tech. fall Samuel Latona (Alabama), 11-0, 5:51
3rd - Justin Cardani (Illinois) dec. Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington), 9-1
5th - Steele Dias (Nevada) tech. fall Blake Fredrickson (California), 10-0 0:28
6th - Reese Fry (Michigan) pin Jacob Cochran (Florida), 1:24

120 pounds 
1st - Rayvon Foley (Michigan) dec. Brady Koontz (Wisconsin), 6-1
3rd - Ridge Lovett (Idaho) tech. fall Patrick Mckee (Minnesota), 18-7 3:39
5th - Nathan Rankin (Texas) pin Delon Kanari (Illinois), 4:22
7th - Dominic La joie (Michigan) pin Cole Jones (Minnesota), 2:02

126 pounds 
1st - Alex Thomsen (Iowa) dec. Austin Macias (Illinois), 6-1
3rd - Jet Taylor (Oklahoma) tech. fall Ryan Roth (Colorado), 17-5 1:45
5th - Branson Proudlock (Michigan) dec. Corbin Nirschl (Kansas), 7-6
7th - Jevon Parrish (Kansas) inj dft. Aaron Perez (California)

195 pounds 
1st - Jacob Warner (Illinois) tech. fall Dalton Hahn (Wisconsin), 12-0, 2:16
3rd - Brandon Whitman (Michigan) pin Jackson Mckinney (Washington), 4:00
5th - Chad Porter (Arizona) dec. Miles Lee (Pennsylvania), 2-1
7th - Bear Hughes (Oklahoma) tech. fall Kaleb Reeves (Iowa), 10-0 0:48

286 pounds 
1st - Anthony Cassioppi (Illinois) dec. Brandon Metz (North Dakota), 5-3
3rd - Zach Muller (Illinois) tech. fall Austin Emerson (Michigan), 12-1 3:23
5th - Montana Phillips (Oklahoma) dec. Kendrick Watson (North Carolina), 5-4 1:45
7th - Spencer Trenary (Iowa) dec. George Barrera (Idaho), 12-9

Team Standings
1 Illinois 106
2 Wisconsin 42
3 Washington 40
4 Colorado 37
5 Minnesota 32
6 Michigan 27
7 California 23
8 Pennsylvania 22
9 Oregon 20
10 Oklahoma 18

girl’s junior freestyle

106 pounds
1st – Vayle Baker (Pennsylvania) dec. McKayla Campbell (Ohio), 11-11
3rd – Katlyn Pizzo (Michigan) tech. fall Brelane Huber (Idaho), 13-2
5th – Felicity Taylor (Iowa) tech. fall Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado), 15-7
7th – Joanne Ortiz (Connecticut) fall Leah Olsen (Washington), 1:16

Men’s Junior Freestyle Results
106 pounds 
1st - Samuel Latona (Alabama) tech. fall Christopher Trelli (Connecticut), 12-2, 5:07
3rd - Brendon Garcia (Colorado) tech. fall Anthony Talamonti Manteno, IL (Illinois), 14-4, 2:13
5th - Steele Dias (Nevada) tech. fall Reese Fry (Michigan), 10-0 1:41
7th - Justin Cardani (Illinois) dec. Blake Fredrickson (California), 11-8

113 pounds 
1st- Ty Smith (Nevada) tech. fall Brandon Kaylor (Washington), 17-6, 3:19
3rd - Cody Phippen (Missouri) tech. fall Jace Koelzer (Kansas), 10-0 1:19
5th Aden Reeves (Iowa) tech. fall Andres Lucero (Colorado), 12-2 1:33
7th - Benyamin Kamali (Michigan) tech. fall Nick Onea (Pennsylvania), 10-0 1:38

120 pounds 
1st - Patrick McKee (Minnesota) pin Joey Melendez (Illinois), 3:59
3rd - Patrick Glory (New Jersey) tech. fall Michael Colaiocco Sparta Township, NJ (New Jersey), 14-3 1:48
5th - Ridge Lovett Post Falls, ID (Idaho) dec. Rayvon Foley Ann Arbor, MI (Michigan), 11-9
7th - Tommy Hoskins Jamestown, OH (Ohio) tech. fall Rhett Golowenski Edmond, OK (Oklahoma), 10-0 1:07

138 pounds 
1st - Ben Freeman (Michigan) tech. fall Jeremy Schoenherr (Wisconsin), 10-0, 4:30
3rd - Parker Filius (Montana) dec. Jakob Bergeland (Minnesota), 18-17
5th - Jaden Enriquez (California) tech. fall Michael Millage (Iowa), 13-2 5:13
7th - Jack Davis (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Jason Kraisser (Maryland), 10-0 1:22

195 pounds 
1st - Jacob Warner (Illinois) tech. fall Miles Lee (Pennsylvania), 11-0, 3:32
3rd - Brandon Whitman (Michigan) dec. Jakob Woodley (Pennsylvania), 4-2
5th - Dakota Howard (Ohio) tech. fall Matthew Waddell (Georgia), 20-10 4:05
7th - Joel Shapiro (Iowa) pin Collin Mccoy (Texas), 1:37

285 pounds 
1st- Anthony Cassioppi (Illinois) dec. Brandon Metz (North Dakota), 4-1
3rd - Zach Muller (Illinois) dec. Samson Evans (Tennessee), 7-2
5th - Austin Emerson (Michigan) dec. Jon Spaulding (Ohio), 5-1
7th Brandon Reed (Kentucky) tech. fall Paul Robinson (Georgia), 10-0 0:27

Team Standings
1 Illinois 82
2 Ohio 37
3 Iowa 36
4 Minnesota 34
5 Pennsylvania 32
6 Indiana 30
7 Michigan 26
8 New Jersey 25
9 California 21
9 Missouri 21
11 Wisconsin 17

Cadet Greco-Roman results:
100 lbs.
1st  Yusief Lillie (Washington) dec. Andrew Chambal (Michigan), 4-1
3rd  Paxton Creese (Minnesota) dec. Brody Norman (Illinois), 5-3
5th  Landen Parent (Minnesota) tech. fall Jett Strickenberger (Colorado), 12-2 
7th  Cael Swensen (Minnesota) dec. Kanin Hable (Minnesota), 4-1

138 lbs.
1st  Kevon Davenport (Michigan) dec. Colby Njos (Minnesota), 6-3
3rd  Cade Devos (Iowa) dec. Alex Rubio (Washington), 5-0
5th  Michael Kistler (Pennsylvania) won by forfeit Fidel Mayora (Illinois)
7th  Logan Sumulong (California) won by forfeit Carter Tuttle (Pennsylvania)

145 lbs.
1st  Michael Weber (Montana) dec. Franky Almaguer (Washington), 4-2
3rd  Keller Rock (Arizona) dec. Alex Facundo (Michigan), 6-3
5th  Jakob Murillo (Idaho) dec. Jace Luchau (California), 12-9
7th  Jacob Mcknight (Michigan) tech. fall Lance Runyon (Iowa), 11-0

170 lbs.
1st  Abe Assad (Illinois) dec. Tyler Hannah (Wisconsin), 2-1
3rd  Ryan Ringler (Michigan) win by forfeit Julien Broderson (Iowa)
5th  Isaiah Alford (Nebraska) dec. Brian Boyd (Missouri), 8-3
7th  Garrett Kappes (Maryland) fall Jacob Atkins (Indiana), 0:34

Cadet girls freestyle results:

106 lbs.
1st  Brelane Huber (Idaho) dec. Tilynne Vasquez (Montana), 7-7
3rd  Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado) fall Camille Fournier (Texas), 0:26 
5th  Carleigh Czerneski (Michigan) tech. fall Ciera Broukal (Indiana), 12-1
7th  Rose ann Marshall (Wisconsin) dec. Joanne Ortiz (Connecticut), 11-10


Boys cadet freestyle results

100 pounds
1st – Dylan Ragusin (Illinois) dec. Andrew Chambal (Michigan), 6-5
3rd – Richard Figueroa ll (California) dec. Yusief Lillie (Washington), 8-2
5th – Dominic Chavez Jr. (Texas) tech. fall Paxton Creese (Minnesota), 10-0
7th – Dustin Norris (Ohio) tech. fall Brayden Lowery (Indiana), 12-2

132 pounds
1st – Carson Manville (Minnesota) fall Aidan Medora (Wisconsin), 3:17
3rd – Victor Voinovich (Ohio) dec. Alexander Mosconi (Indiana), 8-2
5th – Frankie Tal-Shahar (Florida) tech. fall Trevor Chumbley (Illinois), 12-2
7th – Carter Tuttle (Pennsylvania) dec. Joshua Edmond (Michigan), 6-6

138 pounds
1st – Fidel Mayora (Illinois) dec. Kevon Davenport (Michigan), 3-0
3rd – Lance Runyon (Iowa) fall Michael Kistler (Pennsylvania), 0:43
5th – Cade Devos (Iowa) dec. Padraic Gallagher (Ohio), 10-3
7th – Dominic Damon (Washington) dec. Luka Wick (California), 9-9

145 pounds
1st – Alex Facundo (Michigan) dec. Michael Weber (Montana), 6-5
3rd – Jace Luchau (California) forfeit Drew Eller (Georgia)
5th – Christian Hudson (Idaho) tech. fall Luca Frinzi (Pennsylvania), 10-0
7th – Trent Munoz (California) dec. Nathan Paulson (California), 6-1

170 pounds
1st – Albert Ferrari (Texas) dec. Abe Assad (Illinois), 11-3
3rd – Patrick Kennedy (Minnesota) forfeit Gerrit Nijenhuis (Pennsylvania)
5th – Talon Borror (Oklahoma) dec. Rocky Elam (Missouri), 3-2
7th – Ryan Ringler (Michigan) dec. Kyle Haas (Kansas), 16-8

Team Standings
1. Illinois 84
2. Ohio 51
3. Pennsylvania 49
4. Minnesota 41
5. Iowa 31
6. California 28
6. Missouri 28
8 New Jersey 26
9. Michigan 25
10. Wisconsin 21


132 lbs. Junior Freestyle Nationals champion Ian Parker of Michigan. Photo: John Sachs,

Cadet, junior national team members prepare for Fargo camp at Olivet

07/05/2017, 8:30am EDT
By Michigan USA Wrestling

OLIVET, MI -- Cadets and juniors on the Michigan national team will make their final preparations at Olivet College during camp on July 8-9. 

All of the details and schedule can be found here

This a resident national team training camp culminating a summer of training. It is mandatory for Team Michigan Fargo competitors barring extreme circumstances. The cost of coaching, room, and two meals is included in your Fargo package. Non-Fargo team members with USAW cards are welcome to train for a cost of $75/wrestler. The primary purpose of the MUSAW Fargo Camp is final preparation for the most prestigious tournament of the year, team-building, and to have fun while we're at it. Following the camp we recommend competitors taper their practice sessions with lighter/shorter/sharp sessions at their local facilities so as to be rested for the event. We are proud that Michigan wrestlers are considered the most well-prepared Fargo Nationals competitors in the country via our training camp system. Contact Al Freeman 248-863-6388 with questions.

The freestyle and greco wrestlers from Michigan are looking to build on the state's 2016 performance.

We had three national champions and 30 all-Americans in the state’s best ever finish at the 2016 ASICS/Vaughan USA Wrestling freestyle and Greco-Roman national championship.

You can read more about that team here.

Follow Michigan cadets at national duals in Pennsylvania

06/15/2017, 9:00am EDT
By Michigan USA Wrestling

YORK, PA -- Day 1 is in the books for the cadet national team at greco national duals. 

You can watch a rematch of last year's greco national championship between Hudson's Jordan Hamdan and Oklahoma's Reece Witcraft at this year's duals here.

Follow the greco duals live on track here

You can follow the freestyle duals live on track here

See Michigan wrestlers who earned national duals all-tourney team

06/12/2017, 9:15am EDT
By Michigan USA Wrestling

The 2017 Schoolboy National Greco-Roman All-Tournament team was announced following the conclusion of the competition.

There were 52 athletes on the all-tournament team, representing 23 different states. Michigan led all states with five on the all-tourney team. Team champion Georgia, along with New York and Ohio, each put four wrestlers on the team, while Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Idaho, Indiana and Florida got three each.

To make the all-tournament team, an athlete must go undefeated for the two days of the tournament in that style, with a specific minimum number of matches.

Those on the all-tournament team include:

  • Caden Horwath of Michigan  10-0
  • Casey Swiderski of Michigan 10-0
  • Ryker Johnecheck of Michigan 7-0
  • James Johnston of Michigan 10-0
  • Stoney Buell of Michigan went 10-0