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Michigan USA Wrestling partners with Caulicure

02/12/2018, 7:30pm EST
By Steve Richardson

Michigan USA Wrestling partners with Caulicure

Caulicure™️ has partnered with Michigan USA Wrestling to address Cauliflower Ear and/or permanent ear damage, which can negatively effect the wrestling community, specifically “our youth”. 

Together we will educate and provide support to parents, coaches and athletes on the benefits of the Caulicure System. Specifically, how it can keep our athletes on the mats and out of the doctors office. 

We have created a program which offers a statewide 15% discount to the customer, and for every unit purchased, Caulicure will donate 10% to Michigan USA Wrestling to assist in growing the sport. 

The intent of this effort is to to provide each athlete their own Caulicure kit to be available at the time of injury, as well as a prevention if the ear must be drained. 

The Caulicure™ Advanced Compression System is not only Simple and Effective, but works in 3 ways to provide long term protection from developing CAULIFLOWER EAR. 


  1. The system allows for the prevention of Cauliflower Ear, by providing compression to damaged ear tissue "before" it has a chance to fill with blood/fluid.  
  2. In addition, it works to keep the damaged area from re-filling.  This eliminates endless draining and great outcomes for returning the ear to it's original state. 
  3. The system is reusable for as many applications as is needed. 


To purchase, visit and enter code MUSAW15 for the Michigan USA Wrestling Discount.


Alma Duals a Success!!!

01/26/2018, 8:45pm EST
By Steven Richardson

Alma College hosted 10 teams at the 6th grade and Middle schools duals

Alma College hosted both 6th grade and Under & Middle School Dual events last weekend.  This is the first of what we hope to be an ongoing series of events at Alma College.  Alma College head wrestling coach Tobias was very welcoming in this state of the art arena that allowed some great spectator viewing.  After the event Coach Tobias provided a tour of the college weight training and wrestling rooms and spoke about the college, their program and the values that make Alma a great destination for top level wrestlers.  


6th Grade and Under Results:

  1.   Michigan Matcats
  2.   Michigan Fury
  3. Clare Youth Wrestling

Middle School Results:

  1. Michigan Fury
  2. Michigan Matcats
  3. Mid-Mitten Wrestling Club

Mayville To Host Folkstyle Pre-Season Event

12/26/2017, 11:00am EST
By Steve Richardson

Mayville Wildcats hosting Pre-Season Folkstyle Tournament - December 30th

Mayville will host a Holiday Open Tournament on December 30th.  

Event information and Flyer may be found using the following link or by visitingTrack

Registration questions may be directed to Lauretta Allen @

12 Michigan Wrestlers place at USA Wrestling Winter Nationals

11/20/2017, 12:30pm EST
By Steven Richardson

Michigan Wrestlers represent at Winter Natioanls

12 Michigan Wrestlers placed at the USA Wrestling Winter Nationals held on 11-18-2017 in Joliet, IL.  Over 700 wrestlers in groups TOT through Schoolboy competed in a very competitive national tournament loaded with the best from the Midwest.


The Michigan West Wrestling club and the Michigan Matcats both represented well placing the lions share of the medals with Michigan West placing a leading Six.


  • Ryan Williams – Holt Wrestling Club – Intermediate – 120lbs

  • Darius Marines – League of Shadows – Novice – 95lbs

  • Micah Hanau – Michigan West Wrestling Club – Schoolboy – 120lbs

Runners Up:

  • Bronson Shinkonis – Michigan Matcats – Bantam – 55lbs

  • Aaron Lucio - Michigan West Wrestling Club – Novice – 112lbs

  • Mazzy Lambert - Michigan West Wrestling Club – Novice - 60lbs

Third Place:

  • Travis Richardson – Michigan Matcats – Novice – 100lbs

  • Mathew Morris - Michigan West Wrestling Club – Schoolboy – 152lbs

Fifth Place:

  • Michael Robles - Michigan West Wrestling Club – Schoolboy – 84lbs

  • Kyle Stampfy - Michigan West Wrestling Club – Schoolboy – 112lbs

Sixth Place:

  • Gavin Boller – Michigan Matcats – Bantam – 60lbs
  • Aidan Meyers – Michigan Matcats – Novice – 85lbs

Northern Michigan University - OTC Prevails at U23

10/22/2017, 7:45pm EDT
By Steven Richardson

Northern Michigan University - OTC Prevails at U23

The Northern Michigan Universities Greco Roman Olympic Training team flew under the radar quietly entering 39 wrestlers in the U-23 National Qualifier October 7th & 8th in Minnesota. 

132 lbs. Junior Freestyle Nationals champion Ian Parker of Michigan. Photo: John Sachs,